Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tomorrow's a Big Day

Tomorrow I'm going to my RE for my first labs since having a positive pregnancy test on Saturday.

I'm SOOO hoping & praying for a good report.

I should get same-day results.

I'm praying for my miracle baby!!!!


Stacey said...

I don't think I can ever forget the nerves while waiting for that phone call. Lunch out with a friend helped, but I couldn't stop staring at my phone! Thinking of you constantly and praying so hard for good news!!

Baby Wanted said...

I'm praying too! Good luck!

Stacey said...

Praying for you today!!!!

Birdie said...

Thank you, Stacey!! God answered our prayers. I got a good report!!

Birdie said...

And thanks to you too, Baby Wanted!!!

Birdie said...

Baby Wanted, I'm really wanting to ask you a question but since comments are blocked on your blog, I'm hoping you will get this!
I have my first ob/gyn appointment next Friday. I'll only be about 5 weeks, 1 day pregnant. They're planning to do an ultrasound. Is that too early? Will they be able to see anything? I don't want to get in there and them not be able to see anything & then me get scared & think something is wrong. Can you tell me what they could see at around 5 weeks? Thanks!!!! Specifically, will there be a heartbeat detectable yet? Will they be able to see anything besides a sac?

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