Monday, May 3, 2010

Staying Positive

Since my positive pregnancy test on Saturday evening I've been testing every morning. Sunday morning I did 2 different tests, both of which were clearly positive. This morning I did another test which was even slightly darker than yesterday's line.

This morning I called my fertility doctor's office to make an appointment. Unfortunately, yesterday brought severe flooding to Nashville & surrounding areas which makes it difficult to get to my RE.

As of now, my appointment is Wednesday. But I may try to change it to tomorrow. I'm only going for labs. And they will be done stat, which I LOVE!!!! Before going to the fertility clinic, when I was pregnant they would do labs and it would be days sometimes before I would hear anything. I would be on pins & needles. But I will get these results the SAME DAY!!!

One of my BFFs also gave me her leftover Endometrin. She miscarried and now has a 3 week old baby after using Endometrin. I'm going to ask my RE if I can use it too.

I've been trying to go on with life as usual. At first I fretted over the extra exercise I'd done last week & the heavy lifting I'd done at work on Friday before I knew I was pregnant. I was so worried that I'd done something to cause a miscarriage. My husband told me that I was acting as if I'd already had a miscarriage, when in fact, I'd just found out I'm pregnant. I realized that I can't agonize over every little thing. I've got to go on living life & not worrying every second over whether or not I'm going to have a miscarriage.

These past couple of days God has blessed me with a real sense of peace and a reprieve from worry & anxiety. I'm so thankful for this life that He's blessed me with, and I'm praying that He'll grant our heart's desire to have a normal pregnancy & get to parent this little baby.


Stacey said...

Yes, thank God for same-day results! Praying that the upcoming days and weeks will bring you nothing but good news and more good news! Can't wait to read your updates!

Dan & Hillary said...

Wow!! I missed your last post. I'll never try and get pregnant again unless I use Endometrin. That stuff is GOLD. Sending prayers up for you and your little one right now!!!

Birdie said...

Hillary, I already talked to my RE about using Endometrin. He said that I probably won't need to use Endometrin b/c Clomid makes your body produce more progesterone. But they are going to check my progesterone level tomorrow & again in 2 days.
I want to ask him about it again anyway. (It was a couple of weeks ago before I was pregnant when I 1st asked.) If the Endometrin won't hurt anything (even if I don't really need it) and I already have a whole box for free, then why not let me use it just in case?? As far as you know, can too much progesterone cause a problem?
Thanks so much for your comment!! I really appreciate your prayers!!!!
Thanks so much for your comment as well, Stacey! :)

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