Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Friday's Coming Soon

Friday is a big day. It's my first ultrasound & ob appointment with my new doctor. I'll only be about 5 weeks along, so I'm not sure how much they'll see. I'm just praying that everything is developed EXACTLY as it should be at this point in time.

So far everything is still going well. I'm still having the tingles in my belly. And it already feels bigger! That's probably more bloat than baby, though! I'm also feeling very very tired. I have a little nausea but nothing major.

I'm letting myself get a little excited. Please, Lord, let it be!!!

Thank you all for your continued prayers! I still need more peace. But God is helping me so much in that area. I've not been doing as many checks in the bathroom which is a big step for me. Please do keep praying that everything goes well! Thank you!!


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