Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why Do I Have a Fever?

Things have been going really well. No problems. No spotting. The nausea is increasing, which doesn't feel good but it's a good sign.

Then last night I went to the bathroom and there was a small spot of pink on the toilet paper. My heart started pounding. I had also been feeling a little achy, so I checked my temp. I checked it several times. It got up to 99.2 at the highest.

Today it has continued to be anywhere from 98 to 99.1.

But thankfully there has been NO MORE spotting - just that small amount last night!!

But anyone who's ever miscarried knows that spotting and a fever are not a good combination. :( I just keep praying and trying to leave it in God's hands. Otherwise, I would be sick with worry.

Maybe I just have a virus or something... And the fact that the spotting has not continued is cause for celebration!!

Has anybody else experienced anything like this? Could it be that my temp is a little higher during pregnancy and it's normal?

Oh yeah, and a stray cat scratched me on Thursday. That hasn't eased my mind any either!!

Again..... I'm trusting You, Lord! I'm not going to worry!!!

Thanks again for all of your sweet comments. I have also had several comments from new followers which have made me feel so good. Thanks for reading!!


Anonymous said...

We really are on the same schedule. I had a scare last night and today too. Here's hoping we're both going to be fine and our little ones too!

E said...

I always felt like I had a fever, although I never took my temp. I still feel that way but less so now. I would get really hot for a while and then really cold for a while. I also felt flu like but it was all from the pregnancy.

Call your OB if you still have a temp Monday and see what they say.

As far as the spotting I can attest how normal or unnormal it could be. I learned though that a miscarriage usually picks up to bleeding fairly quickly....and I now know how normal spotting could be.

Hang in there. When is your ultrasound?

Anonymous said...

This is from a your Dr.tomorrow and tell him you were scratched by a stray cat. You may need to be treated with an antibiotic because of the cat scratch? PLEASE call your DR. A cat scratch is not to be taken lightly.
God Bless You.
G-mommy e.

Lauren said...

I think a higher temp during pregnancy is totally normal. Ugh, boy do I know what you're talking about with the spotting! I am a champion toilet-paper inspector :P

Lauren said...

Also wanted to mention I'm thinking of and praying for you!!

Amazing Life said...

Not sure if this is will be true for you, but I always thought that the rising progesterone levels increase your body temperatrue.

I know how quickly your heart can begin to pound when seeing anything like spotting on the tp! It is downright scary! Praying for you and your little one.

One final thought, my nurse told me to drink lots of water (I drank 80-100 oz a day) during the pregnancy and it worked in keeping the spotting away for us. Hope this helpss!

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