Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First HCG Results are In

A few minutes ago the WONDERFUL nurse from my ob/gyn's office called to give me my HCG results from yesterday evening. She is that one nurse who I've connected with, and she always helps me. My HCG was 14,000.

She said it was actually higher than just doubling every 48 hours (which it's supposed to do during pregnancy). So I did some calculations. According to my last HCG, if it doubled every 48 hours it should have been around 8,000. So I take that as a good sign that it's even more than doubled.

She asked me if I'd like to come in for an ultrasound. With my HCG being that high they should be able to see something. And would you believe that I turned down an ultrasound???!!!!

I know that most women would jump at the chance to get to see their baby. But I've had an ultrasound too early before when they thought they should see something and didn't. So then they thought I had an ectopic (pregnancy in the tube), which set me on pins and needles. They were on the verge of recommending a shot to induce m/c or surgery to remove the pregnancy out of my tube. Turns out, we waited a few days, repeated the ultrasound and then they were able to see the baby in my uterus. Granted, I ended up miscarrying. But still... I never want to go through that again!!! I was on pins and needles for days.

Last night when I went to the bathroom and saw that small gush of red blood I expected it to be the beginning of cramping and more bleeding. But I haven't bled any more. And the fever is gone.

The nurse suggested that maybe it was a subchorionic bleed. I googled it and got a little info.

So instead of going for an ultrasound today, I'm going for a repeat HCG on Wednesday. Those numbers will tell us a good deal, I think. I'm praying that they double. Then I will have an ultrasound on Monday. I will be about 6w2d, and with the number so high, they should be able to see something.

Thank you for the outpouring of love and support I received on my post when I was bleeding. It's wonderful to know that you all support me and pray for me. I know you truly care. Thank you so much!!!!


Dan & Hillary said...

Sometimes I wish I could just be one of those wowed who discover about 2-3 months along that they are pregnant. The first few weeks are the hardest. Praying for you and your Miracle.

Lauren said...

YAYAYAYAYAY!!! That is great news :)

Continuing to pray for you every day! You're definitely on my mind. Take it easy.

Seriously?! said...

This is such great news! Way to take control of your situation and do what is best for you! I think more and more of us need to be doing that more often!

I'll be here waiting for that HUGE number on Wednesday!

Tracy said...

I don't blame you for turning down an u/s. I've had my fair share of early u/s and they are so stressfull! You never leave with clear answers...

On Standby said...

What a fantastic number! Looks like we are on a similar timelines. I had a scare last week, too, and am holding my breath for my next beta on Friday. Hope your number is AMAZING on Wednesday!!!

Stacey said...

I'm so relieved for you after reading your last few posts in a row today. I was praying that you'd have good news and my heart was pounding as I read along. Praise God that He has protected you and your baby! Hope you continue to get good news and absolutely NO more reasons to worry! :) These first couple of months of pregnancy after recurrent loss are so hard... praying for you.

Kelly said...

What great news! I'm so glad that your HCG is great and you haven't had any more bleeding.

I hope that Monday gets here quickly for you!

E said...

THat is a great number!! I have heard of subchorionic bleeds with clots and all. *hugs* hang in there girlie.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is GREAT news! Can't wait to see another fantastic number on Wednesday - and a great result from your u/s on Monday!

Lots of hugs to you!!!

- Erin B.

David bone said...

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