Saturday, March 12, 2011

No More Spotting + Answering Questions

The spotting has stopped! I'm staying encouraged. I'm not freaking out and doing bathroom checks constantly as I have in the past. However, one reason for that is that I am so early. My last 2 miscarriages were around 7+ weeks after hearing the heartbeat.

Another reason I haven't been worrying is because I've got our sweet foster baby on my mind so much. He is almost 3 months old now. We've had him since he came home from the hospital at birth. I am so so so in love with him. I feel as if he is "mine". And we are so hopeful that we will be able to adopt. I have been praying daily, hourly, almost constantly about this!

And the last reason that I haven't been freaking out is because I know that God is giving me peace. It's nothing short of a miracle of God that I am not sick with worry. Thank You, Lord, for giving me the strength I need!!

So back to the spotting....

It lasted about 24-36 hours. It was never bright red but always brown or pink. It was always very light and nothing like a miscarriage or period.

Implantation bleeding? I don't know. I read that implantation bleeding usually occurs about a week before your expected period. This spotting started the night before my expected period.

I can't remember if I ever had implantation bleeding in the past or not. But it would be interesting to know if I bled this time b/c now the septum is gone. Remember, septums don't get good blood supply, so if the baby implants there maybe there would be no implantation bleeding??? Just a theory! I may be way off!

Whatever the case, I'm just so thankful that I am no longer spotting. I'm trying not to lift anything too heavy, taking it easy and trying to drink plenty of fluids. I continue to use the progesterone suppository every night. My first ultrasound is not for a couple more weeks.

One of my sweet blog friends asked me if I'm using aspirin with this pregnancy. The answer is no. I took aspirin with my last pregnancy just as a precaution in case I had a clotting disorder. However, I still miscarried. I have not tested positive for a clotting disorder. In fact, on one lab my blood was slightly too thin. So with this pregnancy I will not be taking an aspirin. I do believe that some doctors prescribe it as a "just in case" treatment.

Another sweet blog friend asked me how many days past ovulation I am. To tell you the truth, I don't know. I used to keep up with my ovulation days. But after all the miscarriages, I got so tired of calculating and keeping track of all that stuff. So I just stopped. The only thing I have been keeping up with is the first day of each period. Then I would use ovulation test strips (which are VERY useful if you are trying to conceive!!!). But I stopped writing it down.

If anyone would like to contact me directly, please feel free to email me: creek jc @ nctc. com




Kelly said...

I'm so glad the spotting has stopped! Praying for you that everything continues to go well!

E said...

Honestly I spotted nonstop for the first 8 weeks or so. I thought I was having a miscarriage. It was mostly brown to light pink. I was shocked to learn we had a heartbeat at 6 weeks. Shocked. I asked the doctor why was I spotting then. He said it just happens and not to worry. I never spotted with any of my pregnancies before that....except the last miscarriage so now I am wondering if the spotting had anything to do at all with the miscarriage. Who knows!!

Sometimes things happen that are unexpected that's for sure!

It sounds like you are so in love with the little guy. Have you heard anything at all about the parents?

Nick and Kristi said...

So happy to read that the spotting has stopped....Yipeee!!!!

Birdie said...

Thank you for your comments!!!!!

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