Friday, March 11, 2011

The Results Are In

I got the results of my HCG and progesterone today.

HCG = 95.6
Progesterone = 43.8

HCG = 252.1

The results are great! (Thank You, Lord!) But I'm spotting. It started yesterday evening. It's brown to light pink. So I may go back in next week for another HCG just to make sure it's still rising.

I'm cautiously optimistic!

Anyone else have any experience with early spotting like this? Of course, I automatically wonder about miscarriage. But I have heard of other spotting and not miscarrying.


Tracy said...

I spotted with both of my boys. For several weeks, in fact.

I understand how scary it is, though. With Isaac, since i had had so many miscarriages, it was hard for me to function with out fear that I was going to lose him, too. But, your numbers look fantastic!

E said...

I spotted for the first 8 weeks or so and still some here and there. I have no idea why. The doctors and nurses all say it is very common.

Your numbers are great!!

Kelly said...

Pretty much I'm the only person that I've ever known to spot during pregnancy and miscarry. Everyone else went on to have healthy babies (and for periods of time too!)

Your body could easily be going through the AF motions. It's a good sign what it looks like, too!

Great news!!

J said...

Great happy for you! I will keep praying that your numbers double!

Ann - Building a Nest said...

Awesome! That's a GREAT progesterone number, too!

Lots of people have spotting and it be nothing serious. I've had a lot of m/c so spotting scares me to death, but I even had it with this pregnancy where I spotted and bled through the 13th week. They found a cause and I am a high risk pregnancy (due to other issues), but the point is the spotting was not due to a miscarriage this time. Sometimes it just happens. If it continues, do keep getting the HCG beta checked just to ease your mind. Rest and keep hydrated.

Best to you and CONGRATULATIONS!

Stacey said...

Those numbers look great! I hope the spotting turns out to be nothing and clears up soon. I know how scary that is after you've been through miscarriage. Continued prayers for you and your little baby birdie!

Surely said...

Holding my breath for you and sending lots of love and prayers your way~!

Please do rest lots and keep us updated! =)

Flmgodog said...

I haven't read everyone else's comments yet but with every miscarriage I have had I DID NOT SPOT AT ALL. With my pregnancy with my daughter I spotted well into the second trimester.

Nick and Kristi said...

Oh Birdie I am so happy to be reading these posts! Sorry I have been MIA but Im just trying to adjust to my new life...I have had recurrent losses and I did have some spotting...which for me where always subchorinic bleeds...and of course with this last pregnancy it worked...I have heard of several other woman spotting after implantation and also just throughout there pregnancy...HCG and Progesterone look awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Great numbers!!! Congratulations!

I am thinking of you. I know the spotting is unsettling and scary... hope it stops soon.

- Erin B.

Birdie said...

Thank you for all your encouragement!!!

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