Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Over 8 hours round trip to RPL specialist. Was it worth it?

Jay & I got up early this morning and hit the road at 5:45 a.m. We were headed to Memphis for my visit with an RPL specialist. (Side note: I don't know if his official title is "RPL specialist", but it is definitely an area of his expertise.) According to their website, their clinic is "one of a handful which has been instrumental in providing new treatments for all causes of RPL and frequently participates in clinical research studies."

As I've written before, after my 4th miscarriage at the end of May, I was ready to stop trying. My RE recommended going to Memphis, but I was VERY skeptical and almost canceled the appointment. Then just last week I finally decided to go. (I wrote more about that in my last post.)

After reviewing my chart from other physicians and listening to my history, he is 75% sure that I will need a surgery called a hysteroscopy with possible septum resection. Basically, a slender tube with a camera will be place in my uterus vaginally to look at the inside of my uterus. If there is a septum, he will then remove it.

It was questionable in the past whether or not I had a septum, but it was then decided after my HSG that it was not a septum but actually just an arcuate shaped uterus (i.e. It dips down in the middle). But now I am being told that this can still be a problem and may need to be removed. He's seen this very thing in other women when they were told it was not a problem.

However, it won't be decided whether the surgery will be needed until he reviews my HSG films which I didn't have with me today.

He also did some labs and a cervical culture to check for infection.

So for now I am just waiting until he reviews my labs and HSG films. And I'm okay with that. I'm not in a big rush right now. And if he says I need the surgery I will probably do it.

Jay & I felt like he was very competent. And b/c with the last m/c there was so much concern over whether it was a cornual ectopic or not and b/c other physicians in the past have mentioned that my uterus had a septate appearance but no septum, warning bells went off for him. He's seen this same thing before when there was indeed a septum.

I'm still taking one day at a time. I will wait patiently for him to review my records. And then I will likely have the surgery if needed. But I'm not allowing myself to get too excited over this or to think that I will be "cured". I've been there before and then been terribly disappointed. So I am trying to be realistic. Yet, I will say that my hope for a normal pregnancy & healthy baby is alive. It may be a small flame, but it's burning.

And above all, my hope in God is burning brightly. No matter what happens, I will love Him & keep following Him!

Thank you all for your prayers & thoughts.

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P.S. Was it worth the more than 8 hour round trip? Yes, I think it was. :)


Whitney Anderson said...

Stopping by from ICLW. I had my septum removed before we started IVF because I was afraid it was causing IF and my miscarriages. Turns out I have other problems now, but if you can get the surgery, do it. One less thing to worry about.

Stacey said...

Hey sweet friend,

I'm glad you found the trip well worth it. This doctor sounds very thorough, which is a good thing. I agree with the commenter above and say the surgery is a good idea. I did have a confirmed septum, and even though there were miscarriages after that surgery as well, I knew that having it corrected would ultimately increase my chances and would be best in the long-run.

I totally understand your wanting to be realistic and not carried away right now. I remember feeling that way, too, and I think it's normal to do that in order to guard your heart. I'd be happy to walk along with you and carry TONS of hope in my heart that you WILL bring home a baby! I know there aren't any guarantees, but you know I'm living proof that God can take a person with six miscarriages and a septum and MTHFR and who knows what else, and still create life in that womb. He is able! Keep on trusting in Him and I know He will do great things. Much love to you!

Birdie said...

Whitney, I agree. I think if I don't get it removed, then I will always wish I had. That is one less thing that can be causing the RPL!

Stacey, thanks for your encouragement. Much love to you too! :)

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