Thursday, August 19, 2010

That Septum is Outta Here!!!

I'm already home from my surgery. It was a long couple of days. We spend the night in Memphis last night and got up early this morning to go to the surgery center.

The surgery was a success!!!!! THANK YOU, LORD!!!!!!

The septum is gone. Now I'll be healing for at least the next 2 months before trying to conceive again.

I'm SO thankful that I came through this surgery safely and that all went well.

God Bless you all. Thank you for your prayers. It means so much.

I would write more, but I'm still so tired from the anesthesia and the whole experience in general. So good night for now.

Thanking Jesus,


Stacey said...

Wonderful news! What a relief that it's behind you. Take care and get lots of rest now. Praying for you as you recover! <3

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