Saturday, August 28, 2010

Come on down...

Come on down! You're the next contestant on the Yard Sale is Right, and you could win one of these lovely prizes!

Actually, these are all the goodies I got yard-saleing on Friday. Let's see... Here's the stash:

2 flags to hang outside
an Old Navy skirt
a shabby chic chandelier (still in the packaging)
a book on Kentucky flower gardening
2 antique glass dishes
2 rooster trivets
an apple peeler
a white round thingy to roll dough on (not sure how this works, but hey, it was only $1!)

Grand total: $25.75

Even better: Time spent with my mom, sister & baby niece. :)

I LOVE going to yard sales! It's a new hobby of mine!


I'm still feeling a bit like I need to get away from things, as I talked about a little in my last post. And I want to thank those of you who wrote me with your encouragement & your own experiences. It always helps just to know that somebody out there really understands.

I did have a good post-op visit yesterday with my ob/gyn which was helpful. I talked to him a little about some of the anxiety I've had, and he was very understanding. I also got a good report that everything looks good from the surgery.

My birthday is next Tuesday, so I think I'm also feeling better b/c I know I have some special celebrations coming up. :) It helps me to have fun things to plan for and look forward to. I may even go get a massage next week! I LOVE massages!

I look forward to the next couple of months while trying to conceive is on hold. Plus, we have a big beach vacation coming up soon!!!!! Woohoo!!!! Jay will finally ask off work for something OTHER THAN a surgery or doctor visit!!! Thank You, Lord!!

I'm still very optimistic & very hopeful. I'm so thankful for all my blessings, for I know that even my very breath comes from the Lord. And I still believe that one day I will hold my baby in my arms, whether biological or adoptive (hopefully both)! And I will be SO excited to share it with you & finally post pics of MY baby!!!! :)

God Bless You All. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day. Let's all try to see the blessings that the Lord has given us today.


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