Friday, August 20, 2010

Post-Op Day 1

Feeling pretty good considering I just had surgery yesterday. I also got a dozen roses from Jay today!

Wednesday was our 3rd anniversary. And we didn't get to celebrate b/c we were in Memphis, preparing for my surgery. So we're planning on celebrating this weekend. The flowers were a sweet surprise.

So far I am doing wonderfully from the surgery (other than being very irritable). I don't think I've ever been so irritable. I'm blaming it on the pain medicine they gave me after surgery. But I'm not totally sure. I know it's getting better, though. Thank goodness! I know that Jay's happy about that too! :) Hopefully I'll be back to my old self tomorrow.

So I could actually see the septum on the pics my doctor gave me. It was very neat to actually SEE the problem and know that he fixed it. The septum tissue was white, and when he cut into it there was no bleeding. Once he'd cut through the septum to good tissue, then it began to bleed. That's how the doctor knew when to stop cutting. When he saw blood, he knew that he was into the good vascular uterine tissue.

My uterine cavity is now 25-30% bigger than it was before. It's normal!! Woohoo!

We are now on a 2 month break from trying to conceive. I really don't mind the wait. I need a break. I want some time to relax, refresh and enjoy life before delving back in to pregnancy tests, ovulation tests and thought of pregnancy and miscarriage.

My doctor also said that he estimates our chance of having a baby at 75%. I'm not sure exactly how he arrived at that number. I was still asleep as he was explaining everything to my family. But that's something I'll ask him more about at our follow-up appointment.

But I won't put too much stock in the numbers because I know that the Lord can do anything. However, I do think 75% is a great chance. And I'm thankful for that good report.

I'm SO relieved to have this surgery behind me!

I'm also waiting to hear the results from the long list of labs he did prior to surgery to further investigate the possible clotting disorder.

And then.... This is IT. All tests have been done. This is what it's come down to. The septum (which is now gone!!!) and a possible clotting disorder.

Tonight I'm very thankful that God has brought me this far. He's been very faithful to me, and I'm eternally grateful! I'm taking one step at a time with Him! :)

God Bless You all!

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Stacey said...

You are looking great! Happy belated anniversary to you two. Hope you have fun celebrating!

I'm so glad to know that you're feeling better and also feeling hopeful. 75% is really GREAT! But we know that our God doesn't pay attention to those numbers, odds, and statistics (and boy am I thankful for that!). So glad for you that this surgery is behind you.

Keep your chin up and hold onto that hope! Enjoy a couple of months of a break, too. You deserve it! :)

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