Friday, April 30, 2010

Still Waiting

So it's still too early to test...

I'm hoping it's positive.

I'm also afraid that it will be positive.

Anyone who's experienced miscarriage will understand that.

But I KNOW who's in control!! I'm trusting the Lord and know that it's all in His hands!!


Dan & Hillary said...

Waiting is so hard. Wondering isn't any easier. Trusting God is most difficult. Better delve into a great book to keep distracted:-)

Birdie said...

Great idea, Hillary! Good thing I'm hanging out with friends this weekend AND reading a good book! :) I'm currently reading The Historian. It's very interesting!

Stacey said...

I completely get that feeling of excitement/hope/nervousness/fear all mixed together. Thinking of you!!!

Birdie said...

Thanks so much, Stacey!!

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