Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Results Are In

I had my HSG today!

Uterus: Normal

Fallopian Tubes: Open

Pain: NONE

I'm not kidding!!! There was NO pain!!! I was so worried for nothing! I'm so thankful that God answered our prayers. Not only was there no pain, but it was NORMAL!! We got the all-clear to start trying to conceive again!!

Thank You, Lord!!

And thank you for your prayers!


Stacey said...

This is fantastic news!!! I too have heard horror stories about HSGs but mine went as yours did - no pain and normal results. Praise God! I'm so glad for you. This is a green light for you to move forward. I pray that one day SOON we will look back on your journey and see that it was indeed worth the wait! Hoping with you.

Birdie said...

Thank you, Stacey!! I hope so too! :)

Baby Wanted said...

All of this is wonderful news!!! I'm so happy for you and I hope this leads to a baby soon! :)

Birdie said...

Thank you!! I hope so too! :)

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