Monday, April 12, 2010

Please Pray for Me

Tomorrow is my HSG. I'm nervous. It's finally almost here. Tomorrow I'm hoping that my doctor will say that everything is normal & that we can FINALLY begin trying to conceive again. It's been on hold since October when I experienced my 3rd miscarriage.

I'm also praying that it will not be painful for me. I know that most of you girls have probably had an HSG. I know it's routine. But for someone who can hardly stand to get a shot, it's a big deal! :) (And maybe it was for some of you too. But please don't tell me any horror stories!! :) However, if you want to share any wonderful stories about how it was pain free, then please do!!

I know that the Lord will help me, though. He's already gotten me through so much. This is just one step closer to Baby!! That's what I have to remember. It will be worth it all when I hold my baby in my arms!

Thank you for your prayers. I often pray for you, my blog friends, too.


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