Sunday, February 6, 2011

An Overdue Update & an Answered Prayer

I'm in love with this little guy!! I recently took Big & Little Guy to get their pics made. Love those little soft feet!

I just love going to antique shops! Yesterday Jay & I visited Lebanon, TN. They have some cute shops on their square, and I got some ideas for some shabby chic furniture. It's sooo good to get out of the house & have a date day!

How can one little boy make such a huge mess??! ha! Big Guy loves doing crafts! This is some of his birthday loot! He just turned 3!

Last week we celebrated Big Guy's birthday by getting him a Happy Meal, taking him to the park and then to the movies. The next day we hosted a big party at our house. Jay & Big Guy are buddies!

This was his birthday morning. I decorated and had all of his wrapped presents sitting on the table for him when he woke up. This was after all the unwrapping! His party was the next day, where he got a lot more goodies!

I've found that dealing with RPL makes is even so much more important for me to do the things I enjoy. Recently my mom & I made apple jelly. It turned out yummy and was even better for my spirit!

Something else that does my spirit good....Sonic! ha! Jay & I enjoyed ice cream on a date day a few weeks ago. I got the Reese's Blast, and he got the Snickers.

We also went out to eat at a little country restaurant in Elizabethtown, KY. Ever heard of the movie Elizabethtown with Orlando Bloom? This is the town it was filmed in. It's about an hour & a half from us. Here I am digging into some fried green tomatoes!

The kids are doing great. I really appreciate my blog friend who sent a comment asking for an update! :) Thanks, Ellen! Thanks for all of my comments! It means so much to know that y'all are reading and that you care!

We have a return date on Big Guy. March 15th he will be back in the custody of his parents. God has given us so much peace and has truly done a miracle - His parents want him to continue to attend church with us. I've prayed about this many times, and they came to this decision without any pressure other than my quiet, earnest prayers. Thank You, Lord!! March 15th will not be goodbye. It will be, "See you on Sunday morning!" And he will continue to learn about our Savior in a church where he is dearly loved by all!

Little Guy is getting cuter by the minute!! He is filling out. His cheeks and legs are getting chubby! :) Sometimes I just kiss him all over his little face! :) We still know nothing of whether we be able to adopt. I pray about this throughout the day, every day.

Jay & I are still TTC. We are currently in that waiting period. We should know if I am pregnant within 2 weeks. Time to order more pregnancy tests!! To tell you the truth, I don't even want to think about it right now! I want a baby. I just want to think about possibly having another m/c. I'd rather think about planning a trip to the beach! ha! But I don't think that's in our budget right now!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!! I'm enjoying reading all of your blogs!


Ellen said...

Birdie, I know the 15th will be difficult but with God's Grace you will be able to turn "Big Guy" over and feel God's Perfect Peace knowing that you have given him so many opportunities. I pray that for you both! Thanks for the update.
I have a daughter and son-in-law that are also TTC ! It is such a difficult time in the lives of young couples. They like you realize it is all in God's Hands!

J said...

God is so GOOD!! I'm thrilled that you will still be able to see big guy and stil be able to teach him about our wonderful God.

Tracy said...

That is so awesome that you'll be able to continue seeing big guy! what a cool update!

Stacey said...

Birdie, reading your blog is like a breath of fresh air. Even when times are hard, you are so faithful in trusting the Lord. It's a big encouragement to others, just so you know! :)
It sure sounds like you are doing an amazing job with these sweet boys in your care. How wonderful that you will see Big Guy in the future! And Little Guy seems to be growing and thriving. It's hard taking care of a child that small -- kudos to you!

I know that your desire is to have a baby, and I will continue to pray for that with you. Looking forward to more updates!

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