Monday, February 7, 2011

Thank you, Mrs. Child!!

Me & the Chocolate Almond Cake that has been tempting me all day!!

I mentioned in my last post that since dealing with recurrent pregnancy loss it has become increasingly important for me to do things I enjoy. It could be easy to get depressed and anxious. So I keep moving forward, finding things that make me happy! One of the things I love to do is cook & bake! So yesterday I spent at least an hour making this lovely chocolate & almond cake. Jay's verdict on the cake: "This is the best chocolate cake I've ever eaten!" SUCCESS!!! Thanks, Julia Child, for your delicious recipe! I look forward to trying more of your wonderful creations!

Other things that have helped keep my chin up are plans for fixing up our house this spring. I've made a long list of things I want to do and am so excited to be able to start on it! I also enjoy being involved at church. I was an assistant Sunday School to the little ones until we got Little Guy. For now I'm taking a break so I can care for him. I love working in my flowers, shopping, reading, watching movies, working out & getting massages (although, these are few and far between!). I love going on trips, even if they're just for the weekend. And I love spending time with my BFFs from college. I love canning with my mom and sister. Oh, and going out to eat is a real treat! We don't do it a lot, so I don't take it for granted!

And the most important thing of all....Being a foster mom!!! This is the most rewarding thing I've ever done. Everyone says that the children are so blessed to be with us. But I beg to differ. WE are the ones receiving the hugest blessing!! :)

What are some things that bring you happiness?


E said...

Oooh I love chocolate cake! I love to bake too. I also quilt and garden and stuff ;)

Birdie said...

I never learned to sew very well. You must have a lot of patience b/c I think it's so tedious! Although, I did make a gown with my mom once that was about 3x too big!! ha! I also love gardening! :)

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