Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Natural Remedies

I took Little Guy for a check up today. On December 14th he weighed 6 lb. 12oz. & was 19 inches long. He's now grown to 10 lb. 8 oz. and is 22 inches long!!! Oh my! It's so sweet to see the fruits of my labor. haha! But seriously, it truly is wonderful to see proof that all of those feedings & cuddles are helping him to grow strong! :)

Unfortunately, though, the doctor thinks he has eczema. His poor little face is broken out so badly. Do any of you have any natural remedies or anything that worked really well for y'all? I got some info and products from the doctor today, but I wanted to consult with you as well.

Now, I'm going go try to get in a little nap while Big Guy & Little Guy are both sleeping!!


Flmgodog said...

I have found that the Aveeno baby stuff works pretty good on ezcema. You might give that a try. We also use vitamin E gel capsules and break them open and rub them on my daughter's skin and that works well too. I know you live much south of where we are but this is a terrible time of year for skin :( Poor little guy.

Just Believing said...

Aww poor guy but yah for growing :)

Winni has something I have possibly thought was ezcema so I am going to try aveeno!

Tracy said...

I've heard that Hazelwood necklaces can help. Here's a link of one that I just found with a quick search. http://www.babytoolbox.co.nz/babystore/hazelwood-necklace-baby-sizes

they make anklets, too, that you can just put under a sock.

E said...

VIktor has eczema and I use Eucerin creame for adults. It works wonders but is not natural.

Brittany said...

My oldest son had horrible eczema........he was allergic to milk, and when I began eliminating milk in my diet since i was nursing, he cleared up!!

Aquaphor worked great too!

Cori said...

I used on my son's eczema the weleda calendula face cream for baby. Calendula helps to relieve and reduce the itching, redness and dryness from eczema.We also bath him in oatmeal. Lately, we made him wear a bioresonance card and most of the eczema patches have disappeared.

Erin B. said...

My son has eczema and I'm another who had good luck with Aveeno. Hope you find something that works for the little guy - I know it's tough to see their sweet face all broken out like that.

P.S. I also had to switch up my laundry products - "free" (no perfume or dye) detergent, and no softener sheets in the dryer - we use those dryer balls instead. This change helped big time. (My son's skin is so sensitive that even though I was using the "free" sheets, they were still leaving a residue that his skin reacted to.) HTH!

Birdie said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I really appreciate all of your helpful comments. I am going to check into these tips! Thankfully his face is getting much better after using hydrocortisone and aquaphor. But I'm trying to research as much as possible and figure out ways to help keep this under control!

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