Thursday, February 18, 2010

My First Fertility Center Visit

Okay, so today was the big first ever appointment at a fertility center! And the good news is that I really like my doctor. What a relief! Well, there's even better news than that. Not only does he NOT think that I have a uterine septum (extra tissue in the uterus that needs to be surgically removed), he also thinks that my husband and I have a very good chance of being able to have a baby. He said that I have lots of good eggs and that I'm still young. (That's good news b/c sometimes I think I can hear that biological clock tick tick tocking in my ear!) He thinks I may need a low dose aspirin a day when I become pregnant again due to a possible clotting disorder. He also recommends that I begin a low dose Clomid (fertility drug) to help speed along getting pregnant. For now, the next step is an HSG (putting dye in my uterus and taking an x-ray) next month. Then we'll know for sure whether or not I have a septum. So for now it's more waiting. But he was very positive, very thorough, and seemed very confident.

Jay and I have had 3 losses. My doctor told me today that he and his wife also experienced 3 losses. It's very comforting to know that I have a doctor who truly understands where I'm coming from. He said that he would estimate my chances of having a baby with my next pregnancy at about 70%. Because 2 of my losses were technically chemical pregnancies he thinks that increases my chances for sustaining a pregnancy in the future.

We talked about so many things I can't even remember it all or write it all here. He listened to my seemingly endless list of questions and answered every one of them very patiently.
I'm so thankful for a good report. It's so encouraging & an answer to my prayers. Yet, I still ultimately put my hope and trust in God. Thank You, Lord, for answering prayers. Thank You for having a plan. Thank You for being so trustworthy & faithful!!


Baby Wanted said...

I'm so happy to hear your doctor is compassionate and knows what you are going through and it is a major plus that you really like him. I'm sorry for his loss as well as yours. I've had two chemical pregnancies and 2 regular pregnancies! 70% is great...I'm so excited for you!

What kind of nurse are you?

Birdie said...

Yes, it's really a blessing to have a compassionate doctor. Thanks so much for your comment!

Birdie said...

And I meant to say that I'm very sorry for your losses as well. I know how painful that is. May God continue to bring healing to your heart and bless your adoption process!!

Baby Wanted said...

Thanks! And no, the doctors never found a reason. I think it comes down to my hormones. I had my first miscarriage and then my body went whacko. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which causes miscarriages but I don't know if that is really the actually reason.

I hope you find answers and are able to have a baby!

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