Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love & Romance

So, being as tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I guess it got me a little sentimental tonight. My friends on Facebook are writing about their husbands and I started remembering how Jay & I met and then had to be apart for a whole year while I was living overseas. I was teaching in Asia and had come home for the summer. I'd been single for 3 years and had been earnestly praying for God to bring my husband & me together. During my last 5 weeks at home Jay & I met and had a storybook romance to rival any fairytale! :) Those weeks flew by and my heart ached to think I would have to leave & finish out my teaching commitment in Asia. Every day we spent time together doing sweet romantic things like eating supper outside on the big hill where my parents lived, looking at the stars while lying on a blanket (One night we saw the biggest shooting star EVER!), Jay serenading me with his angelic voice (He's my favorite singer!:), walking on his parents' farm... Every moment I just wanted to last and last. He was always a true gentleman, and I have the fondest, sweetest, most romantic memories from that summer. It was everything I'd ever hoped & prayed for and more.
Our time apart was hard, and we had a countdown until we'd be together again. I had a little chalkboard that I would write the count on each day. I remember when it was in the 100's and seemed to ever so slowly be creeping down to zero. Some days it felt like it would never come!
Now I've been home from Asia for over 2-1/2 years. We got married shortly after I returned, and I love Jay more now than I ever have. I'm so thankful for him. And those longs months that seemed to stretch on forever when we were apart made me realize how blessed I am now.
Thank You, Lord, for answered prayers!


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