Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My First Fertility Specialist Visit

Well, this week is kind of a big deal. So I've read lots of other women talking about going to their RE. I figured out that meant Reproductive Endocrinologist, which I'm assuming means your fertility doctor. I'm a little new to all this, so I'm still learning the jargon. Well, my first appointment with my RE is this week!
I've already had tons of blood work done at my ob/gyn's office. At one appointment they drew 10 tubes!! Yikes! Everything has been normal.
I've also seen a high risk pregnancy specialist who did a little further investigating and then referred me on to the RE. I'm VERY excited and VERY hopeful (and nervous too)!! The main purpose of seeing the RE is for him to do an HSG.I'm really hoping he can provide some insight in to what's causing these miscarriages as well as some interventions!
So I had an MRI a while back b/c I was too chicken to have the HSG done. The report was written very poorly and was contradictory, stating in one place that I have a uterine septum and stating in another that there is no uterine septum. So now here I am having the HSG done anyway. To be honest, I'm a chicken when it comes to tests and needles. I hate pain. My stomach cringes in anticipation. I lose my appetite before a potentially painful appointment. But a friend reminded me the other day that if all of this testing leads to a baby it will all be worth it. And that's really what this blog is about. Despite everything I go through, when I someday hold my baby in my arms I'll know that it was worth it all!
So, I'm going to make some phone calls to my insurance company, take some notes and get all my paperwork together for the big day.
So far I've been told by my ob/gyn and my high risk pregnancy specialist that they believe I have a good chance for being able to have a baby. That brings me hope. But, above all, my hope still rests in God.

"Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God.
Psalm 146:5


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