Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Somehow I got an entire week ahead in my pregnancy. I'm not 30 1/2 weeks. I'm 29 1/2 weeks! So when I posted my b-day pic I was actually 28 1/2 weeks. Are you confused yet? haha Not sure how that happened b/c I thought I was so particular about counting every single week as a milestone.

In celebration of Fall, I have been baking up a storm. I absolutely love baking and cooking. It's one of my favorite things to do in the entire world! So today I baked up a batch of snickerdoodles that are PERFECT!! I love this recipe! So, if you're looking for a TERRIFIC cookie recipe, check this out: The only thing I did differently was not use quite as much cinnamon. Oh, and I also cut it in half b/c I knew that I didn't need ALL of those cookies sitting around tempting me!! Oh, they're so delicious!!!

I hope y'all are all having a wonderful start to Fall!!


Anonymous said...

LOL I have done that!! No biggie. How do you stay so thin with all that baking?


Anonymous said...

Hi birdie, Ive been wanting to introduce myself but have been having a terrible time commenting on blogs lately, incuding my own. Probably have to tweak my blogger settings.

Anyhow I wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy. You and I have a bit in common, including recurrent pregnancy loss and having been foster parents. I will be 31 weeks pregnant on Tuesday with my surprise "rainbow baby".

Im going to bake these cookies!

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