Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Dr. Appointment Today

Today I had a great check-up. Everything is going so well, and I am SO thankful! I never take it for granted and always feel so happy and relieved when I leave the office after hearing good news. The old memories have actually faded, and I don't feel sick when I go to the office anymore. I wondered if that would ever happen, and it truly has. The new/good feelings and memories have overshadowed the bad. (It also helps that I only experienced 1 miscarriage with this doctor. The 3 prior to that were at another office that I don't go to anymore.)

So I'm now 31 weeks 3 days along. But my uterus is measuring 34 weeks! Yikes! :) He said that was fine, though, and nothing to worry about. I have been measuring a little ahead for a while now. He said he usually only gets concerned when someone measures behind. The baby's heartbeat was good & strong. My weight & blood pressure are good. I'd actually lost a couple of pounds, but we think that's probably due to the sickness I wrote about recently after eating all that RIDICULOUS amount of chili last week!!

It makes such a BIG difference if you have a good doctor. I just want to encourage you all that if you're not 100% satisfied with your doctor, keep searching until you find a really good one! It's SO worth it! I really love my doctor and am so thankful to have him. You know what's pretty amazing? He said that he gives his cell phone number to all of his pregnant patients when they reach 35 weeks so they can call him personally when they go into labor. He also delivers all of his patients' babies unless he is on vacation. Other than vacation, he comes in on weekends, nights and holidays and doesn't have a partner cover for him.

And on a fun fall note since I love cooking and baking.... Take a look at these ooey, gooey, messy caramel apples I made for Jay and me the other night. Yum-o-rama!!!


Anonymous said...

So happy for you!! I am glad things are going well and the baby is growing. Praise the Lord!!

Thankful said...

Great doctors make all the difference! Praying for a quiet 8 weeks before the fun begins! :)

Brittany said...

Still praying for you:))))) Can't wait for you to hold your little girl! Love following your journey. And I loved meeting you that day at the consignment sale, how neat!!!

Birdie said...

Thanks for your comments!! :) And Brittany, yes it was so neat to meet you that day! :)

Stacey said...

I'm so happy that you and baby are doing great! So sorry to read that you were so sick recently, though. These last couple of months should go by pretty quickly! Praying they'll be pretty uneventful and that you can enjoy the rest of this miracle pregnancy as much as possible. So excited for you!!!

Lauren Y. said...

yay for a good report! Praying the last couple of months go by quickly and smoothly. And I am dying at how delicious those apples look!!!!!!! :)

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