Monday, September 12, 2011

Food Poisoning

Yesterday I was so sick all day. I think I had food poisoning. Either that, or my body was just reacting to the massive amounts of veggie chili I'd eaten the day before. Honestly, that's probably what it was b/c, I'm not kidding, it was MASSIVE amounts!! I ate it for every single meal except breakfast. I had it for brunch, lunch, supper, and late night snack.

Then I woke up yesterday morning rushing to the bathroom at least 10 times. I stayed in bed until 3:30 p.m. I felt horrible. I did what I could to stay hydrated, as that's what my pregnancy book said to do. I did NOT want to go to the ER b/c I have terrible memories from that place. So I nursed myself with toast and juice until it passed.
Today I feel much better but still not 100%. I'm just pretty drained and my appetite is not very good.

And of course I've been worried sick over whether or not the baby is okay. I called my Dr. office and I'm waiting to hear back from them.

From everything I've read, the baby is well protected in utero and the main thing that can harm the baby is dehydration.

Has anyone else out there ever had food poisoning or stomach virus when pregnant? Please tell me that the baby was just fine! :)

I know it's silly to worry so much, but after so many miscarriages sometimes it's hard to always stay positive and not think about the "what ifs".


Anonymous said...

Yes, I had it with my first. I was 6 months pregnant and I've never thrown up so much in my life. It lasted one day and then it was gone. No harm done to the baby though I really worried. The OB was able to call in a prescrip for a mild sedative. Hope you feel better!


Tracy said...

Did you ever get any zofran from early on in your pregnancy? I took some I had left over when I had a tummy bug later in pregnancy. As long as you aren't contracting, you should be okay. (Dehydration can lead to pre-term labor, so just keep an eye out.)

Jenny Wren said...

Poor Birdie! I bet it will be a long time before you want veggie chili again, hmm? I don't have any experience with what happens in a healthy pregnancy so I'm no help there, but I'm sending you get well wishes and prayers that everything's ok with baby bird (I bet it is, though - I'm sure tons of women get tummy bugs when pregnant and everything turns out fine)

Elizabeth said...

oh no, so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well! praying for you!

Birdie said...

Thanks for checking in on me, ladies. :)

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