Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kicking Pains - Normal?

So I'm almost 23 weeks along now. And just recently our baby has started kicking me in what feels like my cervix. I need to know if what I'm feeling is normal!

So I'll feel her moving around in there, and then BAM! There'll be a little shooting pain (sometimes I describe it as a *zing!*) that shoots through me and feels like it's my cervix. It sort of reminds me of the pain of that little brush when the gyn does a pap smear. But it's a little more painful than that.

Is this normal?? Has anybody else had these pains??


Amazing Life said...

I remember getting pains like that and being very nervous. What I did was come home, lay down, and drank lots of water. Never known if the worry was necessary but it only lasted a short while for me.

Praying that will be filled with peace.

I let my doctor know when it happened to me.

PhatFree said...

Does it come and go? It could be stretching/growing pains. This may be vulgar to some but I hear many call it lightening crotch! I think it is normal. But as PP said rest and drink lots of water! We are practically due date buddies! And I am having a girl too! So excited for us both.

Sarah said...

I have a lot of friends that are experiencing the same pain. All of them our on 2nd pregnancies after several m/cs and D&Cs. I guess it is normal that your muscles aren't as strong after multiple pgs and your cervix is sensitive. With all that being said I'd say call your OB and ask for a u/s just to be reassured b/c honestly who doesn't want to see their baby as often as they can.

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