Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gestational Diabetes Test Today

This morning I went in for the gestational diabetes test where you drink the sweet stuff and get your blood drawn. It was normal!! I feel like every little test is a big milestone for me. I don't take any of my Dr. appointments for granted. I never just think, "Oh no big deal." I'm always a little nervous and asking questions and so thankful when I get a good report.

I go back in one month for an u/s just to check on Baby's growth. He doesn't think anything is wrong that needs to be checked (Of course I asked!). He just likes to do an u/s at that time b/c it's a good predictor of how big Baby will be at birth.

So far I've gained 18 pounds, which he says is right on track. He generally recommends women gain around 35 pounds total, and I'm already over halfway in my pregnancy. So 18 pounds is just right, he said.

I got to hear Baby's heartbeat again today via doppler, and it was so fast. The assistant called her a "Sugar Baby" and said that they really get going after the glucose test b/c they like that sugar!

So thankful that I can share another good report with you. After so many bad reports over the last few years, it feels soooooo good to have great news to share! Thank You, Jesus!


Dan & Hillary said...

Thanking God for all the praises and blessing in your life:-) So very awesome!!

Tracy said...

Awesome! yay for a good appointment!

Shona said...

That's great that all was fine. I have my glucose test next week.

kousalya said...

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