Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ultrasound Coming Up

Tomorrow will be my first u/s in 4 weeks! I'm nervous b/c it all seems so surreal. I haven't been having any problems. I'm still sick. My stomach is ever so slightly growing. But I'm wondering if everything is truly okay. It's been 4 whole weeks!!

I'll try to post tomorrow evening and let you now how it goes!!


Seriously?! said...

Thinking of you!!! xo

Kelly said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that all is fantastic tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I pray all goes well Birdie!!

Kelly said...

We are all going to be right there with you holding your hand in spirit! You will be in my prayers! Can't wait to hear all the good news tomorrow afternoon!

Anonymous said...

I am believing that your precious miracle is just fine . I am also praying for God's perfect peace to wash over you and ease your fears !
Grand mommy E

Anonymous said...

Been thinking of you... Hope all is well!!

- Erin B.

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