Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Little Coyote

Here's our little coyote!!! This pic was taken on our recent vacation to the beach! We visited a museum, and he had a blast.

We are still totally in love and praying hard every day that the best thing for Big Guy will be done. I often ask God to surround him and protect him when I can't be there with him. He has quickly taken residence in my heart, and I can't imagine life without him. But yet, not my will but thine, O Lord.

I've been mulling over a blog post in my head recently. I've never told the stories of my 4 miscarriages. I've been thinking of finally sitting down and putting it into words on my blog. That may be coming soon...

And coming up next week is a visit back to Memphis. That's right, it's time for my 2 month follow-up appointment post septum removal surgery. What will the doctor say? (By the way, in case you forgot, his expertise is recurrent pregnancy loss.) I'm expecting a green light on trying to conceive again. Yikes!!! Not sure quite how I feel about that. But I THINK I might be ready. But then again, that gives me the jitters just thinking about it!!! So how about I NOT think about it until after I see Dr. K next week? Sounds like a great idea!!

If you're experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss and live anywhere near Memphis, please get in touch with me. I'd love to give you more info about my doctor! creek jc @ nctc. com

I hope y'all are doing wonderfully. I'm still absolutely LOVING being a foster mom. I never knew life could be so sweet! :) If you have any questions about foster care, please email me!!


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