Sunday, November 13, 2011

39 Weeks

Still here & still waiting on Baby's arrival! Still in awe that I'm actually 39 weeks pregnant. I talk to Jay about it a lot and often ask him, "Can you believe I'm this far along?!" Still thankful every single day.

I'm really feeling ready for her arrival now and hoping she comes soon. I'm so excited to finally meet her.

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. I'll let you know how this week's appointment goes... Or maybe she'll come before then!! :)


Brittany said...

you look super cute!!! i was 40 weeks w/ both of my boys.......neither one was colicly or had stomach issues (reflux) and were AWESOME nursers!!! Hang in there......she'll be here soon!!

Sarah said...

You look adorable. Praying she comes soon! I remember waiting for Cyrus and how the desire just to meet him face to face over whelmed me. It is amazing, praying for a smooth delivery for you and baby girl.

amylynn said...

you look great! hope your lil' miss makes her arrival soon

Lauren Y. said...

you are so adorable. the nursery is beautiful and just perfect! Can't wait to see that little sweet baby in pics in just a few days! WOOHOOOOOOO!

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