Monday, June 20, 2011

High Heels are a Pain!

Thank you Thank you Thank you for the reassurances y'all gave me about the pains I'm having in the lower sides of my abdomen. It really did make me feel much better!!!

But let me tell you what happened to me Saturday...

First of all, BIG MISTAKE: I wore high heels. I enjoy wearing heels. They don't normally bother me. But trust me, I'll never do it again while pregnant. I literally almost couldn't get out of the car when we arrived back home. My left side (lower abdomen, ligament area) was hurting SO bad!! And when I lifted my leg to get out of the car I almost couldn't do it.

I limped in to the house, and my husband had to help me into bed. He was asking me, "Do you need to go to the doctor??!" But I was adamant, "I am NOT spending the day in the emergency room!!!"

After I laid in bed for a while and rested and laid on my right side, the pain went away. It scared me. But, at the same time, it was not like pain I've had with miscarriages before. It wasn't cramping pain, and it was only on one side. So I was pretty sure that it was the ligament.

Thankfully I'm MUCH better now. But I'm going to have to really watch what I do and NO MORE HEELS!!!

Also, I got my alpha-fetoprotein lab result back. And it was NORMAL!!! I was so relieved when I tore into the envelope to read the results. I hadn't blogged about it, but I was nervous and praying that everything would be normal. It checks for things that can be wrong with the baby.

Thank you so much for your continued support. You all mean a lot to me!

And as far as Little Guy goes... We are still waiting. We have not heard any more news. We're still praying for a miracle that we will be able to adopt.


Anonymous said...

Good news about the lab results!! I know you are relieved. Still praying Birdie. I hope you will be able to adopt little Guy. Praying for that too.

Anonymous said...

wow ! thanks so much for this site!! Im literary crying right now because im so happy for you.I went through a miscarriage in oct!! Im 21 and it was the worst thing ever!!you give me hop

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