Monday, June 13, 2011

17 Weeks!!

My stomach's getting bigger!! I know that I've yet to post a pic... Gotta do that soon!!! I'm getting more excited, but I'm still being cautious, I know. Even though everything looks great, sometimes it's hard to really take it all in and believe that everything is truly going to be okay. However, I'm trying to stay positive and not worry!!

Things with Little Guy are still all up in the air. It has been very, very hard. If we can just get him adopted and also deliver a healthy baby.... How wonderful that will be!!!! At the same time, though, I'm reminded to give my burdens to Jesus NOW and choose not to worry.

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying summer. It's so hot here!! But I don't really mind. I'm just so glad to be feeling better. After being so nauseous for so long, I am finally starting to feel more like my old self. I also have a bit more energy too. I've been told by some people that the 2nd trimester is great! I'm starting to believe it! :)

Thanks so much for reading! And I promise to try and get that pic up soon!!! :)


Raechel said...

Hey Birdie,
Just stopped by your blog today to say hi! I don't think we've met - I followed a comment you left on my blog about good food in Franklin (definitely going to have to check that out!).

I am writing to congratulate you on this pregnancy with this sweet little girl and to give my condolences for your losses. We have lost four babies to miscarriage and I know how it is to feel so afraid to hope sometimes. I know that everybody's story is different and that you've had some very difficult doctor's appointments and disappointments. I want to encourage you to continue to trust the Lord the way you already are. I know we can't trust him to make this baby come to term. He never said that he would. But we can trust in His promises. We can trust that He'll never leave us and that he'll work for our good (even when we have a very specific idea of what our 'good' should be).

Praying for this sweet little girl today and for her Mama who is already taking fantastic care of her! She's already getting to know you - hearing you when you sing to Jesus at church, listening to you breathe and cuddling in bed with you and your husband at night. She is already a gift to be enjoyed - praying that you'll get to sing and cuddle with your girl for years and years to come!!


Dan & Hillary said...

Congrats on Baby Girl! Every day is a miracle and those who have had loss can only appreciate it even more. When is your offical due date?

Anonymous said...

I know you are so excited. I am soooo excited for you.....thanks for keeping us posted. Praying Birdie!! Hugs, Jordan

Ellen said...

Congratulations on week 17 !!!
I am so thankful that you are feeling better. It is amazing how much brighter the world looks when you are not sick !!!
Still praying for God's Will to be done in "Little Guy's " life and PRAYING that it will be settled in your favor!
G-mommy E

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