Tuesday, June 28, 2011

20 Week Scan

Today was my 20 weeks scan - the one that I kept looking to, thinking that I would finally relax and get excited when I got good results! And the results are in...

Everything was completely normal!!!!! NORMAL!!!! And they confirmed that we are having a girl!

I am so relieved and finally feel like I can start getting excited and telling more people. So far I have still only told a few people that I'm pregnant, mainly just those closest to me. My mom even bought the baby her first outfit today.

I'm so thankful today for a good report. After so many terrible reports it sure feels good to finally have wonderful pregnancy news. And I hope that I encourage you all that miracles still happen!!!


PhatFree said...

Congrats!!! I am so happy for you. I am hoping for the same thing next week.

Seriously?! said...

Great news Birdie!!!

Kelly said...

What great news!!! YAY!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent news!! I think you are good to tell people now :) I waited til about 16 weeks, only those with RPL can understand out fear.



Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that everything is fine!!! And that for sure she's a girl. I can tell how happy you are and I am happy for you. I was inspired by your words recently of how you never felt upset or angry when you read of the successful pregnancies of others, you just thought "Then I can too!" This is something I struggle with, but am doing a bit better, and your words will help me going forward.

The situation with Little Guy sounds so tough... Just as much a rollercoaster as TTC! I'm hopeful things will decidedly turn your way soon.

Hope you continue to do and feel well!

Jenine said...

It's so hard to relax and enjoy a pg after so many losses! Hopefully you will begin to enjoy it more knowing things are going so well!
I'm still praying for your Little Guy and Gal!

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God for answered prayers! I am so thrilled for you and Jay!
Now, believe that God has brought you this far and try to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!
God Bless all of you,
Grand mommy E

Jessica said...

Praise God! I am so happy for you!!!

Stacey said...

WOW!!! I'm so far behind (sorry), but CONGRATS! I'm so excited about your precious, normal, healthy baby GIRL!!! Celebrating and praising God with you for this miracle, my friend! A baby girl... how very sweet! :)

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