Thursday, December 9, 2010

That Terrible Feeling

You know that terrible feeling when you hear that a lab result is not normal? Or that awful feeling every time the phone rings when you are waiting to hear from your doctor?

Yeah, I had it this week.

If you remember, a couple of weeks ago I found out that my Factor ii activity level was low. Of course, I foolishly researched it on the internet. (I don't recommend doing this!!) I found out things that can cause this - a clotting disorder present since birth that causes your blood to be too thin, severe liver disease and other terrible possibilities.

Immediately, I got hot and felt sick....

Fast forward a couple of days.

I talked to my RE's nurse who told me that my liver enzymes were normal and that the lab was only slightly low. Normal, I think, starts at 75. Mine was 73.

Okay, not so bad after all. Not as bad as I'd feared.

So I went to have my DNA checked to see if I had a mutation causing the abnormality.

I waited for the phone call on Tuesday that would give me the result. I was almost sick. Every time the phone rang I ran to get it. I was distracted. My stomach was filled with butterflies.

Basically, I was needing a vacation VERY BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes I want to just "get away from it all!" I daydream of being in a tropical location with hubby or maybe walking the streets of a romantic city in Italy or driving through the countryside of England.

But alas, our bank account won't allow for that! ha!

So I waited and finally found out yesterday that my DNA is normal!! Great news! But that means we still don't know why that lab was a little low.

And I'm to the point where I really don't even want to know anymore! I'm SO over blood work and tests, and I'm thinking, "Okay, maybe my blood is just slightly thinner than every one else's. Whoop-ti-doo! No more tests!!!!"

For anyone who reads my blog, you know that my foundation is Christ. He sustains me. So I'm doing my best to give all this to Him, trust Him and just keep on truckin'!

I'm still madly in love with our Big Guy (our sweet 2 year old foster child). He is such a huge blessing to us!!!! These last few months, he has helped me so much. He's given me a new perspective, a new excitement for life and a greater purpose. Yes, fostering is to help the children. But we are the ones who are getting blessed too.

I hope you're all doing wonderfully!!! I often pray for you, my blog friends!


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