Monday, October 3, 2011

Sciatica Update + Crib Sneak Peek

Well, actually it wasn't sciatica at all. So, in my last post, I told you about the terrible, shooting pain I was having in my leg. Ouch!!! Well, I hobbled to the doctor's office and found out that it wasn't actually sciatica but something very similar. With sciatica, the pain is on the outside of the leg. Mine was on the inside, which means that Baby Girl was irritating the nerves on the inside of the pelvis. (I don't remember what they're called.) Apparently, she's starting to make her way downwards, and I may have flair ups of this. Someone recommended I see a chiropractor. If it gets very painful again I may look into that!

The good news is that I'm SO much better!! Even that same day I was already a lot better and able to walk with just a small limp. Now I'm not limping at all.

I also got my blood checked for anemia b/c I've been SO tired. The results were great (even better than average). He said that I'm just so tired b/c my body is having to send all that oxygen to a growing baby.

This past weekend we drove over 2 hours and visited our Little Guy (our baby boy who was with us through foster care from birth to 7 months). I don't often talk about him on here, but my hearts aches for him almost every day. Sometimes I still cry b/c I miss him so much. And it's honestly still a real struggle at times to know that he's not going to be our baby b/c, in my heart, I felt as though I was his mommy. I guess it's just too painful to talk about, so I don't very often. HOWEVER, I will say that the Lord gives me the strength I need. I'm okay, and I know that He is in God's hands. The Lord heard our prayers and placed him in a wonderful home. For that I am SO grateful! So yes, it's very hard. But at the same time, I have peace knowing that he is loved and cared for where he is.

We had a wonderful visit. He's growing so much. I still love him as much as ever! He will always be very, very special to us.

So, up for this week: Jay is going to paint the nursery! We're going with a pale pink. It's so pretty & feminine. Also, I finally ordered a crib just this morning!! I've looked and looked and looked and finally made the decision! It's a good price and got great reviews. Here it is! I think it will go really well with our bead board wallpaper! Here is also a pic of the changer/dresser that we ordered. Love it! :)

I hope y'all all have a wonderful week!!! Enjoy this beautiful fall weather. Here in KY it's so nice out!




Anonymous said...

I have that same thing...that nerve thing. It HURTS. It is worse now than ever for me. Owie, Owie, Owie.

I was wondering how you were faring regarding little guy. Is he at least in good hands?


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