Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bump Shot from Last Week

This picture was taken last week. I was about 34 weeks. The background is our nursery walls! The top is Pale Pink Petal, and the bottom is the bead board wallpaper that I posted about previously. Jay did a great job and put in many hours on this! :)

I continue to be in awe and thankfulness every single day that things are going so well. I don't take a single day of pregnancy for granted. I continue to hope and pray for you who are longing for a baby. You are not forgotten!

I also read several blogs today of women remembering their babies that were lost through miscarriage. As I read, I remembered my sweet babies and thought of theirs as well. They are always near my heart and safe in the arms of Jesus. I love them so much and want to see them someday when I reach heaven.

I hope you all are doing well! Jay and I have been very, very busy today preparing our home for Baby Girl. I hope to post some pics soon of her finished nursery. Back to work. My laundry is calling! :)


Amazing Life said...

sweet baby bump!!!!

Seriously said...

You look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! I am glad things are going so well. Jordan

Stacey said...

The nursery walls are looking great, but I was distracted by the beautiful pregnant woman in the picture! :) I'm so excited for you, friend. Your baby girl is almost here! Can't wait to celebrate this miracle with you.

The Andrews said...

You are too cute!!!

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