Friday, April 8, 2011

How Could I Forget to Pick up My Rx??!!!

I have been so upset with myself for forgetting to pick up my progesterone suppositories at the pharmacy today. Now I only have 1 for the entire weekend!! That means that if I use it tonight that I will have to go Saturday and Sunday without one. I can think of no way to remedy this predicament. In my town there is only 1 compounding pharmacy that is able to make the progesterone suppositories. It is CLOSED on Saturdays. Besides that, I don't have the original prescription to take anywhere else. My doctor's office called it in to the pharmacy. And since no one will be working at that pharmacy tomorrow, there is no one to call and transfer the prescription to another pharmacy....

So I guess there is truly nothing that I can do.

So my question is: My progesterone level was great when it was first checked. It was actually on the high end. The progesterone suppositories were prescribed as a "just in case" kind of thing. So is it going to be THAT bad if I miss two doses?

Hoping someone can give me some advice or at least make me feel a little better.... :)

I gotta keep trusting God. I made a silly mistake, but Lord, please protect me and this baby!!


Anonymous said...

call your doc. they'll help you or tell you it's ok.

Melissa said...

I am NOT a doctor, but a very blessed woman who has a history of VERY LOW progesterone levels caused by PCOS. I am very thankful to say I now have two precious biological children. It seems to me that if you can't remedy this situation by getting your refill, you could skip one dose and then use your one suppository the next day. My thought is that if you miss only one dose, perhaps your levels may decrease, but not drop off drastically. Then you would miss another dose after you use the one you have, and then it will be Monday and you will be back on track. Two missed doses...YES, but not two in a row. My thinking is that if you use it now and miss two doses in a row, it might would have a bigger drop in your levels. Does this make sense? As I said before, I am not a doctor...this was just a thought I had. I'm not sure what would be best, but it is probably what I would do in your situation if I couldn't get a refill. I was on Prometrium with my daughter and was so paranoid about missing a dose that I actually bought one of those pill boxes with an alarm clock so I wouldn't be late at all taking it. All of this to say, I certainly understand your concern. I have never posted a comment before, but wanted you to know that I am so excited for you and your pregnancy and continue to pray for you, your husband, and your precious baby. God is so faithful and good!

Surely said...

Hi Birdie,
First, I want to say HALLELUJAH! pregnant! and the best part of that is that...YOU'RE STILL PREGNANT! This is huge and super wonderful and I'm really happy for you. =)
Second, sorry I've been out of the commenting loop for awhile.
Third, my feelings about progestrone have been that bc they are a "just in case" thing (in your case) and a "put your mind at ease" thing...missing a few doses over the weekend shouldn't compromise your pregnancy. I would think that your placenta (?) by now is taking care of most of the progesterone production. I think the most important thing keep your mind at ease. Don't stress.

Praying for you!!

E said...

You're fine Birdie. They are actually proving now that a truly low progesterone wouldn't even result in a pregnancy at all. At least that is what my doctor told me. He tried to talk me out of taking the progesterone at all, but I told him I would feel better taking it.

I started late with it....didn't start taking it until 6 weeks until I saw the heartbeat.


Kelly said...

I think that you will be just fine but I can also understand your concern. I'm not sure if this is possible, but could you somehow split the dose in half so you have half over the two days?

Also, I am not saying this to freak you out at all (I'm saying it actually to potentially save you from a freakout)...when I started to go off progesterone (and I took it every other day) I spotted slightly once. All was just fine but I just wanted to tell you that sometimes, that can happen.

Tracy said...

My RE is sort of anti-progesterone suppliments anyway. He always said that if you are going to have low progesterone numbers, its probably because the pregnancy was on its way "out" anyway.

Seeing as your numbers were super high, I'd probably do what Melissa said. Make it work so you only miss one day instead of two in a row. Try not to worry too much!

On Standby said...

Hi Birdie ~ As someone who has had to take progesterone supplements in the past, I completely understand your concern. Is your doctor's office open on Saturdays? If so, call and talk to one of the nurses and ask if they have any samples they get from the drug reps, just enough to get you through the weekend. My RE's office gave me samples when I was in on a Friday and wasn't going to have time to get the prescription filled before Monday. Just a suggestion and may give you some peace of mind.

Amazing Life said...

I know I am late at commenting, but I suggest spacing the one out. Skip friday, take one Saturday, and then skip sunday. I know that when my compounding pharmacy was closed, they offered to open up for me simply because they knew I was worried about it, so it is worth a shot to ask or get your doctor to figure something out. You and your baby will be okay! Praying!

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