Friday, March 12, 2010

Studio by the Creeks

So a few days ago I was lamenting about wanting to work from home. Afterward it dawned on me that we already have a side business. I seem to think that I'm not artistic enough to be very helpful to my husband in our business venture, but I do give good critiques and help with the financial part. :) I'd like to learn more & be a bigger part of our little business so that it'll someday grow in to a larger business.

Anyway, I'm super proud of my husband. He's very talented, which is one of the many reasons I fell in love with him. :) He paints, draws, designs, sings, & plays piano. He's, of course, my favorite singer. The first song I ever heard him sing was It is Well. I practically swooned in my chair & couldn't believe my ears. If you'd like to hear some of his music you can check out our website and go to the downloads page. It is Well is one of the songs you can hear. All the songs were recorded either at our house or at a friend's.

Mainly he just sings at church. He helps lead worship, and we sing together sometimes too. I just sing harmony. He's the one with the beautiful voice. We honestly only want to sing to glorify God. When we recorded our CD together our prayer was that we would be a help to someone.

Another reason I love him is b/c he's humble. Even though he's so talented he never flaunts it. (He'll probably be really embarrassed if he reads this!) If you didn't go to church with us you'd probably never even know that he sings. (Of course I like to brag on him, though!) He's a quiet man - even voted shyest of his senior class when he graduated high school. :) His mom loves to tell the story of how no one even knew he could sing until he was in high school. One day he came to her & said, "Mama, I think maybe I can sing." She turned the radio down & said, "Well, let's hear it." Knowing Jay, I still can hardly believe he mustered up the courage to sing. But he did! And when he got done his mom said, "Jay, you can sing!!" She cries to this day when she's telling that story. :)

But singing is not his first love. He LOVES painting, drawing, and creating designs. You can check some of those out too.

So if you get a chance, here's our website:

And of course, I must say that I think Jay will make a wonderful daddy. He's so patient, calm, loving & funny. I can hardly wait to see him with our babies. I haven't seen him hold too many babies. It's actually kind of a comical sight b/c he feels awkward & doesn't know quite what to do with them, but I just know that he'll warm up to our babies & be an incredible dad! I can just see him now making them giggle & cuddling them close.

Tonight I'm so thankful for my husband and so thankful that God knows the desires of my heart. I keep trusting that someday we'll have those babies for Jay & me to hold close.

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4


Stacey said...

Such a sweet post! The struggles of life are made somewhat easier when we have such amazing, supportive spouses walking with us. Your husband sounds like a true gift -- as I know you are as well! Can't wait to go check out the website NOW! :) Thanks for sharing this post. I sure do hope and pray that the two of you will get to share your love with children someday soon.

Chuck said...

I just went over to the site to check everything out. Great stuff!

Birdie said...

Thanks so much for checking out our website!!!

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